bloXroute Users Get Even-Faster Mempool Data with MEVlink Acquisition

bloXroute Team
2 min readMay 25, 2023

By: Ben Pichel

bloXroute acquires MEVLink to provide the Fastest Mempool Data

We are happy to announce a strategic acquisition of MEVlink, a blockchain startup that specializes in fast mempool data. This acquisition ensures that bloXroute users continue to receive the fastest mempool data streams on Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain, bar none.

In addition to technological improvements to our BDN (Blockchain Distribution Network), this acquisition expands our talent pool by onboarding MEVlink’s highly skilled Co-Founders into the bloXroute engineering teams. This infusion of expertise is guaranteed to foster innovation and propel our development of cutting-edge networking solutions to meet the evolving needs of the blockchain ecosystem.

We are thrilled to welcome MEVlink to the bloXroute family, and this acquisition exemplifies our commitment to building and expanding our capabilities while fostering partnerships within the blockchain community. By integrating MEVlink’s expertise and technology, we are confident in our ability to deliver unparalleled performance and drive the next wave of innovation in the industry.

With a strong reputation built over the past five years of serving DeFi algo-traders and market makers, bloXroute has established itself as a leading provider of ultra-low latency mempool data and lightning-fast transaction propagation. This latest acquisition has empowered us to further enhance the speed of our BDN technology, reinforcing our commitment to helping our users efficiently seize trade opportunities by providing them with unmatched performance.

As we forge ahead on our journey of innovation and growth, we invite other projects and organizations to explore potential integrations and partnerships. At bloXroute, our ultimate goal is to cultivate a resilient and interconnected blockchain ecosystem that benefits all participants involved by fostering dynamic collaborations with visionary entities in the DeFi and blockchain space.



bloXroute Team

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