MEV Relays for Ethereum 2.0

Questions about MEV Relay

What are the trustworthy MEV relays available out there?

Should I connect to Flashbots relay or bloXroute relay?

  1. Higher MEV profit. Flashbots and bloXroute relay may share the same blocks from time to time. However, NOT always. There are chances that Flashbots relay provides a higher MEV profit block than bloXroute relay does, and sometimes vice versa. Connecting to both relays grants you access to more block builders, which means more options (blocks) to choose from.
  2. Backup. We have to face the fact that either Flashbots or bloXroute relay could have been down. In that scenario, as a validator node operator, you will need a plan B, a backup relay. Connecting to both relays, or even more relays in the future, helps you minimize your downtime. Most importantly, less downtime means more profit.



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bloXroute Team

bloXroute Team

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