Unlocking MEV for BSC — Introducing Bundle Submission on Binance Smart Chain

bloXroute Team
2 min readJun 8, 2023


We’re excited to announce the release of our newest feature, BSC Bundle Submission, which allows bloXroute users to submit MEV bundles on BNB Smart Chain through our Cloud-API.

This new feature is available to all bloXroute users and we anticipate rapid growth and enhancements in the coming weeks. Currently, the Introductory (free) tier of bloXroute users is also eligible to submit BSC Bundles. If you are not a bloXroute user yet, please sign up here.

For detailed information on BSC bundle submission, features, and code examples, please refer to our Gitbook.

We value your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions with us on our Discord — bsc-mev-bundle channel and via Twitter.

Questions on sales or bloXroute products? Email to sales@bloxroute.com

Here’s an overview of the BSC MEV Solution behind the BSC Bundle Submission feature.

A New MEV Ecosystem for BNB Smart Chain

The native BSC validator geth client does not currently support bundle submission. As a result, only a select few with modified validator clients can accept bundles. To fill this void, bloXroute is collaborating with BNB validators and has launched a new open-sourced MEV solution that allows all validators to participate in receiving proposed blocks with bundles. When a searcher submits a BSC bundle through bloXroute, it becomes part of one or several blocks built by bloXroute. Validators can freely request these blocks and choose to accept the one offering the highest reward. To incentivize validators for block inclusion, searchers include gas fees within their bundles.

bloXroute has been working closely with the BNB foundation to ensure that our initiative aligns with their principles and guidelines regarding MEV. As bloXroute does not function as a validator, our open-source solution ensures transparency and fosters equal opportunities for all participants, regardless of their stake. By reducing the technological hurdles for both existing and new validators to accept bundles, bloXroute enables validators to stay competitive in terms of validator reward, thereby contributing to a more robust and decentralized BNB chain.



bloXroute Team

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