VirtuSwap Partners With bloXroute To Launch The First Polygon DEX With Built-In Frontrunning Protection

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3 min readJun 20, 2023


By: Ben Pichel

VirtuSwap Partners With bloXroute To Launch The First Polygon DEX With Built-In Frontrunning Protection

bloXroute, a leading low-latency DeFi infrastructure provider, has partnered with VirtuSwap, a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) on the Polygon chain, to offer frontrunning protection features to the exchange’s users. This partnership aims to protect both VirtuSwap and its users from losses caused by frontrunning and sandwich attacks by integrating bloXroute’s MEV Protect Engine into VirtuSwap’s platform.

VirtuSwap is a recently-launched DEX on the Polygon chain that combines advanced financial engineering and AI governance to offer its users low trading costs while also achieving high returns for its liquidity providers. VirtuSwap primarily focuses on assets outside the top 5, where direct liquidity between two assets is often not available, leading to costly indirect trades. One of the exchange’s prominent features is its Reserve-Powered Pools architecture, which not only reduces trading fees but also provides users with access to better asset prices. However, what truly sets VirtuSwap apart is its AI-driven Minerva optimizer. It optimizes the distribution of protocol rewards between different pools to achieve optimal distribution of liquidity in order to gain the best results for both traders and LPs in current market conditions.

Beyond protecting VirtuSwap users from predatory MEV, the integration of bloXroute’s MEV Protect Engine also protects VirtuSwap’s own flow of liquidity-rebalancing transactions from frontrunning and sandwich attacks. By protecting the rebalancing transactions, VirtuSwap ensures that its users always have access to the best asset prices and the lowest trading fees.

To protect these transactions from attacks, bloXroute securely routes transactions to validators via its proprietary Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) with just-in-time smart transaction delivery. This mechanism effectively minimizes the chances of frontrunning or sandwich attacks.

While Ethereum has been the primary target of these attacks, the rising popularity of Polygon has also attracted MEV arbitrageurs, leading to an increase in predatory MEV behavior on Polygon. In response, bloXroute drew upon its extensive expertise in routing private transactions on Ethereum and recently broadened its solutions to encompass Polygon and BNB Smart Chain, establishing itself as the first and only MEV protection service provider for Polygon.

While other MEV protection providers cater to specific user types or use cases, bloXroute’s solution is highly versatile and can be easily deployed by retail traders and professional algo-traders or integrated into DeFi projects and platforms like VirtuSwap.

For retail traders who use wallets like Metamask, bloXroute’s suite of free MEV protection solutions can be used on any DEXs or trading platforms. To protect your DeFi transactions on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon, add bloXroute’s suite of Free Protect RPCs to your wallet.

About bloXroute

bloXroute Labs is a pioneer in low-latency DeFi that benefits its users with unmatched speed and performance on top of their existing infrastructure.

Using bloXroute’s BDN, algo-trading users gain a competitive edge by receiving critical information about pending transactions and new blocks at ultra-low latency and can send transactions at nearly light speed. As more users, traders, validators, DeFi projects, and infrastructure providers connect to the BDN, bloXroute’s network effect enhances its speed and effectiveness, creating value for a wide range of participants in DeFi and MEV ecosystems.

To learn more, visit or Linktree.

About VirtuSwap

VirtuSwap is an innovative DEX protocol based on advanced financial engineering and AI governance. VirtuSwap focuses on solving inefficiencies in trading coins outside the top five, where direct liquidity is often missing, and traders are often forced to pay double fees, double gas, and endure double price impact.

Currently, 20% of the total DEX trading volume is represented by inefficient trades, leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in redundant costs. VirtuSwap’s reserve-powered virtual pools technology, combined with the AI-powered Minerva liquidity optimization engine, decreases the trading costs by up to 50% and increases the LP rewards by up to 5x compared to other DEXs.




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